Oswald Mendez

Oswald Méndez brings over 25 years of passionate marketing expertise to his role as Chief Marketing Officer at Canela Media. With a rich background that includes leadership roles at BBC America, MundoFox, and The Vidal Partnership, Oswald’s innovative strategies drive Canela Media’s growth among cross-cultural Latino audiences in the U.S. and Latin America.

A proud Latino, Oswald’s unique perspective emphasizes inclusivity and cultural relevance in all his work. He co-founded New Majority Ready to help businesses engage with America’s diverse populations, working with clients like GroupM, Netflix, and Spectrum Reach.

At Canela Media, Oswald leads all marketing efforts, from consumer and business-to-business marketing to ad sales, community management, and audience acquisition. His expertise spans marketing communications, digital strategy, content development, and more, always with a focus on fostering innovation and inclusivity.

Known for his warm and enthusiastic approach, Oswald’s leadership has been instrumental in launching successful campaigns and driving significant audience growth. His commitment to cultural relevance and diversity continues to shape his impactful career, making him a valuable asset to Canela Media and the broader media landscape.