Canela Media is a minority & female owned digital media company dedicated in reaching the new mainstream – US Hispanics.

We are

Canela Media

  • Leading Digital Media Tech Company, Connecting Brands with Multicultural Audiences
  • Powerful 1st Party Data identifying 1st, 2nd, 3rd Gen Hispanics
  • #1 in Owned and Operated Sites
  • A Minority & Female Owned Company


  • The 1st Free Streaming Service for US Hispanics.

  • Culturally relevant programming in Spanish & English.

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Available on Most devices

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Video Solutions

  • Unmatched Scale:
  • Premium Inventory Across Instream & Outstream.
  • Brand Safe Environment.

High impact Display

  • Exclusively Represent the Largest Spanish Language Media Companies.

We Own & Operate 180+ sites

Branded Content

  • In-House team of 50+ Branded Content Producers.
  • Custom Social Activations.


  • Largest Multicultural Platform in the US with 3,600+ Content Creators.
  • Proprietary Technology to Predict Results & Identify Fake Followers.
  • Real Time Campaign Reporting.


(619) 356-0270